GC21 - Godwin Capital No. 21 LTD.

Godwin Capital is a company with a proven track record offering both individuals and entities a versatile product range at attractive rates of return.

GC21 is a Fixed Rate Note from Godwin available to North American accredited investors, entities and investors residing outside of the UK.

4 Reasons To Invest:

  1. Fixed Annual Returns with a choice between biannual interest and deferred payments (10% and 12% respectively)
  2. 20-year history of operations and 100% payment history on both principal and interest.
  3. A security trustee has been appointed to represent the interests of the loan note holders. A first legal charge is held by the security trustee when a land site or building is purchased and, in addition, the security trustee holds a mortgage debenture over the assets of Godwin Capital No 21 Ltd itself.
  4. The UK property market is recognized as one of the most appealing and profitable investment assets across the world.  In comparison to other EU markets, the UK property market is resilient and offers consistent short and long-term returns.

Company Name


Minimum Investment


Max Offering


Eligible Investors

North American accredited investors

entities and investors residing outside of the UK.


No fees to Investors


What are the returns on a $100,000 investment?

2 Year Biannual Income Product
10% fixed rate loan notes with simple interest payable in arrears biannually (paid every 6 months).

2 Year Deferred Product
12% fixed rate loan notes with simple interest to accrue annually and payable on the final redemption date with the return of capital.


Godwin Group has a strong reputation as a distinctive property development and investment company, with projects across the UK.

The business has two distinct arms:

Godwin Developments  delivers high quality residential, commercial and industrial and logistics schemes in partnership with both the public and private sector.

Godwin Capital is the investment arm of Godwin Group, offering both individuals and institutions a versatile product range with attractive rates of return from a proven company track record of delivery.

Godwin Developments will continue to develop residential opportunities in its target markets utilizing its strong land assembly team and network of property professionals to source immediate and strategic sites. Delivering a variety of drive-thru’s across the UK with some of the leading fast food and other end user retailers. 

Godwin’s diverse portfolio includes retail projects with leading brands such as Burger King, McDonald’s, Lidl, Starbucks, Greggs, Euro Garages and large Build to Rent (BTR) developments that have revitalized communities and provided well managed homes for local residents.