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What Cultivate Capital Is All About

cultivate: /kəltəˌvāt/ verb to foster the growth of; to improve by labor, care or study; further, encourage capital: /ka-pə-tᵊl/ noun measurement of wealth; a resource that provides for increasing wealth through investment

Cultivate Capital exists to help startups and small businesses obtain funding. But it's not just about getting money from individuals and giving it to companies. We want to cultivate companies through grassroots capitalism. We want to work with companies that are engaged with and funded by their communities. We are looking for companies who want to grow and who want their communities to grow and potentially profit alongside them.

  • We believe that the crowd can make decisions as good as, or better than, than banks or venture capitalists.
  • We believe every investor is important, not just big investors.
  • We believe that if a small business makes it big, every investor on Main Street should benefit, not just investors on Wall Street.
  • We believe there is more to being an investor than just handing over your money.

Cultivate Capital was formed by an experienced team of financial professionals to help companies raise capital online. Securities offerings through Regulation A, Regulation CF and Regulation D online are far different from raising funds through venture capitalists, private equity firms and from lending sources like traditional banks.

Let our experienced team help you with your JOBS Act related capital raising needs. We provide services with many facets of your offering including compliance oversight and assisting with online capital raising efforts.

  • We believe that an engaged crowd of investors is a powerful tool to build and grow a company.
  • We believe everyone, regardless of wealth or connections, should be allowed to invest in the companies they want to support.
  • We believe that laws that limited investments in small companies to the wealthy were outdated and made no sense in today’s online world of vast information sharing.

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