The company that many believe manufactures the most attractive solar roof produced anywhere.

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Luma Resources, LLC d/b/a Luma Solar

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Luma Solar roofs are specifically designed for beautiful structures and forever homes. Our award winning and patented systems are designed to enhance your environment - not detract from it.

We developed the first fully-integrated solar rooftop shingle system in North America. We are the only exchangeable and upgradeable solar shingle system in the market now. Luma Solar brings clean energy to customers who want beauty and enduring quality craftsmanship.

Most solar companies offer only conventional solar panels. Those traditional solar panels are viewed as an eyesore by most people, and despite claims to the contrary, can actually reduce property values. A property’s curb appeal is a large factor in its valuation. Luma Solar is obsessively customer-focused, and we produce beautiful top quality roofs that truly enhance the value of a property. Each solar roof system we manufacture is custom built to fit that home or office building perfectly. We stand by our products with excellent warranties that insure you will enjoy the benefits of solar power for many years to come. We're proud of our underlying metal shingle design, and we are sure our clients will be very proud of their new Luma Solar roofs.



Luma has been overwhelmed by customer inquiries coming in through our website.  No advertising is done to promote the website or Luma’s products.  We believe this is due to the huge unmet demand for an attractive solar roofing system.  In addition, the U.S. photovoltaic (PV) solar market has grown at an average annual rate of more than 33% over the past ten years, and is on track to experience a record year for PV installations in 2023.

We believe that with LUMA’s innovations, the residential/small office PV segment is poised for even more robust growth. Our integrated solar roofing system eliminates the need to install ugly solar panels in order to enjoy the benefits of owning a solar system. The Luma Mirage product is our fully integrated solar roof product which provides the ultimate in attractive appearance across all roof surfaces with maximum solar production.  We also produce our Sectional product that covers distinct sections of a building’s roof surface, and our Kit product provides an attractive easily installed partial solar roof that blends in well with almost any roofing product. These three products offer consumers the ability to choose the right solar roof for them depending on both their needs and budget.


We believe that Luma Solar has the best-in-class luxury solar roof on the market. Our unique shingles have proven and upgradeable solar technology, and can be replaced without disturbing surrounding shingles.

Durability and Craftsmanship

Excellent Warranty Coverage

Seamless Design

Standard Installation

Engineering Excellence

Single-Hole Install

High Conversion Efficiency

All-Weather Performance

Integrates with other materials

The LUMA Solar roofing system produces a beautiful high end roof appearance combined with efficient solar cells. Many homeowners or business owners refuse to install traditional solar panels due to their appearance.

While the LUMA Solar roofing system is a high end product, the size of the market for this type of solar roofing system is extremely large and growing.

Each solar shingle can be individually replaced, or even upgraded, if needed without disturbing the surrounding shingles. This is truly a unique characteristic among integrated solar roof products.

The LUMA Solar roof is based on a well-known metal roofing style, and therefore can be installed easily by LUMA certified roofing companies.

Exceptional durability is inherent to the metal roofing system. A warranty of 35 years is offered on the roofing system, and 25 years on the solar components.

LUMA has an experienced management team with a combined 60+ years of experience in the roofing industry. This team is responsible for developing the LUMA Solar roofing system starting in 2008.


"We LOVE our Luma solar roof!! It is sleek, modern and you can't tell there are solar panels on the roof. It’s fabulous to get our whole house, and cars, powered by the sun. We have had our roof for over ten years with no problems, only a great feeling we are doing the right thing for the planet and our household budgets." - J&J Winston (homeowners)

"Elon Musk Is Betting Big On Solar Roofing. Too bad two brothers in Michigan have already been doing it for [ten] years." - The Huffington Post

Luma is the first solar company in history to be recognized by any President at a State of the Union Address: "After September 11th, [Robert and Gary] volunteered their best roofers to help repair the Pentagon. But half of their factory went unused, and the recession hit them hard. Today, with the help of a government loan, that empty space is being used to manufacture solar shingles that are being sold all across the country." - President Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States

"Millstream Construction’s first Luma roof installation was done in 2022, and we have now completed 9 Luma solar roofs in Connecticut.  In my opinion, the Luma integrated solar roof is extremely attractive and is just what many homeowners are looking for.  The quality of the product is excellent, and I am pleased to partner with Luma in bringing this great solar roofing system to the Northeast." - Chris Gonsalves, President of Millstream Construction, Luma investor and Advisory Board Member

"Two of this industry's solar shingle pioneers are Robert and Gary Allen (Founders of Luma Solar)" - Clean Technica Magazine

"We installed a Luma Solar roof on a spectacular home outside of Philadelphia, PA.  This was a big project, and the architectural style of the house demanded a beautiful roof.  Luma was the only company that could provide us with the appearance and quality that matched the house!  That experience made us believers in the Luma team and their fantastic solar roofing product.  We have now partnered with Luma in both Pennsylvania and southern Florida." - George Rain, President of Rain Roofing and Solar, Luma investor and Advisory Board Member

LUMA Solar History

LUMA Solar was started in early 2008 by brothers Robert and Gary Allen. Their family roofing business, Allen Brothers Inc. was founded in 1950, and allowed them to grow up in the roofing and sheet metal industry. They have spent the past 15 years developing a solar roofing system that is changing the way solar roofing gets done. Based on industry and home owners’ reactions to their award winning solar roofing products, they believe that LUMA Solar will open up the solar roof market beyond just the early adopters.

After many years of testing, and refinement, LUMA Solar now offers a first class innovative, attractive, cost-competitive, and contractor-friendly solar roofing solution. Robert and Gary Allen grew up working for their father Don Allen, who established his custom, high-end roofing and sheet metal firm in 1950. From his early beginnings, Don’s focus was to “carve out his niche” by designing and installing specialized roofing projects, mostly in Southeast Michigan. Initially following their father’s lead in the residential roofing business, the two sons expanded their businesses to offer complete solutions for a broader base of clients including commercial and industrial facilities along with the residential base. Allen Brothers Inc. is now known as one of Michigan’s premier custom residential, commercial, and sheet metal roofing companies. 

After Don’s retirement Gary and Robert became equal partners and changed the company name to Allen Brothers Inc. (ABI). Over the last 23 years, ABI has built a strong reputation for unique and difficult sheet metalwork.  ABI is financially successful, and has worked on many prestigious roofing projects, including the Cranbrook House, one of twelve historical sites featured nationally on Home and Garden Television. Other notable projects include the well-known Oakland Hills Country Club, and 12 other historical sites. One of ABI’s outstanding projects is a highly customized roof made entirely out of copper installed on a beautiful home in Bloomfield, Michigan. Primarily because of the uniqueness of the roof, the home was selected by Detroit Home Magazine as Home of the Year.

The Allen brothers are proud of their many successes as roofing and sheet metal contractors. They honor and respect their reputation in the community, and among their peers. However, to be chosen at the national level to participate in the re-roofing of the Pentagon was probably one of the company’s finest moments. ABI was selected to be among only a handful of roofing contractors by the National Roofing Contractors Association, (NRCA). The NRCA sponsored the volunteer effort to replace the damaged portion of the Pentagon roof in Washington D.C. after the September 11 terrorist attacks. ABI received a letter of appreciation from President Bush for their participation in this patriotic act of good will, at such an important time in American history.

The company’s commitment to serving their customers with the highest quality roofs led the Allen brothers to an unmet need in the market – attractive residential photovoltaic (PV) solar roofs that are aesthetically pleasing - an integrated solar roof system. 


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