Gary is the main operational and technical leader at LUMA Solar. In this role he is responsible for the design and manufacturing of all LUMA products.  Gary has worked in the roofing industry for over forty years, starting at Allen Brothers Inc. at a young age, and working his way up to a Senior Management position. 
As a founding Member of LUMA Solar in 2007, Gary designed the original LUMA Solar Roofing System.  Over the years, he has refined the design to the point where it is now ready for automated manufacturing methods.  Gary’s expertise positions him exceptionally well to successfully lead LUMA production and future product development.
Gary will be leveraging the engineering, and leadership skills honed during his long career in the roofing industry to make LUMA a recognized name in the solar roofing business.



Robert also joined Allen Brothers Inc. early on, and worked his way up to become a senior manager, and eventually to running the business along with Gary.  Robert focuses on the marketing and sales side of the business in addition to general business management. 
Robert’s skill sets at public relations, marketing, and government  affairs, have been responsible for the tremendous amount of recognition the LUMA Solar roofing system has received in the press, and the awards it has won from various industry associations.  More recently, Robert has been successful at bringing in high visibility projects that have brought a great deal of market interest to LUMA Solar. 
Robert’s years of management experience and his ability to lead the company towards the vision of becoming a leader in the solar industry are important attributes.