Godwin FAQ


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1Is there any currency risk when I invest in Godwin?
There is no currency risk to investors. Funds are received by Godwin in US dollars (USD), and converted to pound sterling (GBP) for project costs, however, the interest payments and return of investment will be made in US dollars (USD).
2Do I own land or properties?
No, GC21 is structured as a private credit vehicle, so Godwin retains the title of land or property purchases. Investors are effectively providing a secure loan to Godwin Capital No.21 Limited.
3When will interest begin to accrue on my loan note?
As soon as investment funds have been cleared into Godwin Capital No.21 Limited’s receiving agents’ bank account, interest on the loan notes begins to accrue.
4When are interest payments actually paid?
Loan note holders can choose when interest payments are to be paid to them. The choices available are to be paid for six months or to have interest accrue and be paid after two years.
5How will I know when my investment has been received by Godwin Capital?
Investors will receive an email from the Processing Department advising them that funds have been received. They will also receive a copy of the endorsed subscription agreement, signed on behalf of Godwin Capital by a senior member of the Board of Directors.
6Is Godwin Capital No. 21 a REIT?
No, as a private credit vehicle, GC21 does not have any direct exposure to factors like occupancy, lease terms, or market conditions in the way REITS do.


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1How will I know how Godwin projects are doing?
All investors receive the monthly/quarterly Godwin News which sets out regional market news, project development updates, office openings, as well as staff recruitment activity.
2Why doesn’t Godwin use bank finance?
Godwin has used bank funding in the past and it may do so again in the future. Bank funding can take time to arrange, and so Godwin has developed a multi-source capital strategy better suited to their needs.
3How long has Godwin and its management team been operating in the property sector?
The management team have extensive experience of the property sector and of funding sources with Stephen and Stuart Pratt starting Godwin back in 2003 and Andrew and Richard each being in the finance sector for over 40 years.
4Is there a risk that Godwin will not be able to source enough land and property opportunities to develop?
Godwin has a large pipeline of potential projects that are coming through its extensive network of agents and advisers; this has been built up since 2003 and now is extensive.
5How are our investment funds utilized?
Funds raised are utilized to finance a full range of real estate transactions for Godwin Developments, but only if a project passes our stringent investment criteria. The focus is to target returns for our investors that are uncorrelated to general market factors.